Benefits of IPL Hair Removal Therapy

What are the benefits you can get from using the IPL? What are the side effects of this hair removal treatment?

Introduction to IPL

The Intense Pulsed Light or popularly known as IPL is one of the hair removal methods and is considered as the best method for hair treatment. Numerous people can be a great candidate to experience its amazing long-term results if they just go to try this type of hair removal. There are even positive viewpoints telling this one is proven as the longest-lasting hair removal method over many other options available. 

Moreover, IPL became well-known because it can be used to treat hair on any part of the body that a person wishes to get rid of or remove.


Who can use IPL? 

When using IPL, it is being said that a person may look younger than his or her actual age because the skin tone is becoming more even. Plus, since the light it uses doesn't hurt the other tissue in the body, a person can get better quickly.

This type of hair removal method works best for those who have a pale or light brown skin tone. It can help to lessen the acne you have, birthmarks, stretch marks after giving birth, liver or age spots, broken blood vessels, brown spots, dark spots because of hormonal changes, skin that is discolored, fine wrinkles, freckles, redness because of rosacea, scars, spider veins, and of course, the unwanted hair you wish to get rid of.

Additionally, IPL Hair removal is most beneficial if you have a light type of skin or dark hair. But it may not be working efficiently for those who have dark skin or blond hair. It is important to remember that the skin and hair type you have to affect the results you aim for. That's why IPL hair removal might be working for some but perhaps not the one or right choice for you. It's a must to consider the actual positive and negative things it may bring to your skin.


Advantages of IPL

Here are the said advantages or the so-called pros of using the IPL hair removal method.

1. IPL can help to permanently remove your unwanted hair. It is being said that just after 4 to 6 sessions you will already notice the results it brings to your skin. Up to 90 percent of your unwanted or unnecessary baggage of hair will be permanently reduced once you use this one. Since the result is known to last long, you wouldn't be worried about plucking, waxing, or shaving any unwanted hair you wish to remove. But instead, you'll be experiencing a smooth and hair-free beautiful skin after the needed number of sessions to be done.

  1. IPL is fast and no need to exert and spend a lot of your time. Some hair removal methods like plucking or waxing are known to be time-consuming and are often known to be such messy methods. However, in IPL you just need to spend around 10-15 minutes of your time but of course, it depends which part of the body is receiving the treatment. As they've said, IPL hair removal method is considered as a quick method which brings an effective outcome to your skin.
  1. IPL is pain-free and safe to use. This type of method is known to be very gentle, fast, and ending with long-lasting results to your skin. Plus, it's recognized as one of the safest and most painless practices.
  1. IPL can be used in the comfort of your home as there are home treatment products available. Although the results you may achieve is not the same as receiving treatments from the usual way of undergoing inside the clinic but still, these are the most convenient and hair removal devices to remove unwanted hair at the comfort of your home.

Next, here are the said disadvantages or the so-called cons of using the IPL hair removal method: 

  1. You need to spend some amount of money since IPL is expensive. This is one of the primary reasons why it is important to have enough budget upon undergoing the hair removal treatment because you need to pay from the very start-up to the last day of your skin treatment session since it will only be done inside the clinic. With the right product research however, you can have a handy device that lasts you a couple years. Not bad! 

  2. IPL doesn't guarantee you to be 100 percent hair free since it's an undeniable fact that hair can regrow.

  3. If you prefer to go for the IPL hair removal treatment, then you're required to visit the salon until your treatment is done and complete. Plus, due to hair regrowth, the dermatologist might require you to have annual maintenance visits to completely remove all the unwanted hair by the time it regrows.

  4. IPL does not apply for everyone- meaning, this type of treatment can be used to those who have a very light hair color and for those who have much darker skin tones.

  5. IPL hair removal treatment is known as safe to use when it is done by a trained technician. But there are some instances that it can cause hormonal brown spots in your skin. Or perhaps, you can experience some unwanted side effects.

Is IPL worth it?

Put in mind that IPL hair removal treatment is an investment since it needs several sessions to see the results you wish to have. Although it is given that IPL has a very positive, better outcome that lasts long, you must be very committed to visiting the clinic to monitor the progress of the result to your skin. If you think you can't spend such a big sum of money from your budget, then a better choice is to invest in an at-home IPL hair removal device that is now available.