[INSTOCK] Mesonumb Anesthetic Numbing



Packaging may say "Derma Relief" instead of Mesonumb depending on the supplier. It's the same product but different labeling. 

A local anesthetic gel that is used for any cosmetics work such as laser, praxel, thermage, feather lift (per-local anesthetic), derma roller, fillers, mesotherapy, or dermopigmentation. Its benefit is that is is packaged in a unique liposome form which allows the medication to be directly delivered through the skin. These three ingredients work together resulting in almost immediate pain relief much more potent than when used alone. This allows the practitioner to manage a more accurate schedule, saving time, and increasing productivity.


Mesodermal company is based in the USA and provides the basic premise products. Company is using advanced technology and very high quality products. 

It can be used for permanent makeup procedures, laser treatments, thermage, mesotherapy, derma- roller procedures, and more other types of cosmetic treatments. 


How to use? 

Mesonumb topical gel can be used before the procedure on unbroken skin. Before use very carefully clean treated area. Apply a thin to a medium layer on the skin and massage it to the skin for 3 minutes. After that, you may cover (but do not wrap) with nutritious film and leave Mesonumb cream on the skin for 20minutes. Apply only using gloves, otherwise after application wash your hands immediately.

Important information

- Avoid contact with eyes; 

- Do not apply a larger area than 15cm square; 

- After application do not wrap the area with plastic wrap;

- Do not use if the customer is pregnant or during lactating;

- If use for Liptherapy treatment do not use not with Collagenase and Phosphatidylcholine;

- 60g

Please, note that this gel can cause a temporary skin whitening effect which can be followed by local skin redness or small swelling. 


 Storage: Keep gel in a cool and dry place.

Mesonumb topical gel is perfect for cosmetic treatments. 



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