Guide to Hairless Smooth Skin with IPL

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How IPL Compares to Other Hair Removal Methods

You might be wondering whether an IPL machine is worth the heavy investment. After all, your current hair removal methods might be costing you next to nothing, and doing an “ok” job.

But, weekly shaving is a grind, and not always great for your skin.

Bi-weekly waxing or epilating can be painful, and time consuming.

…And results don’t last that long, meaning you have to constantly repeat the process – but not with IPL and laser hair removal – with a few sessions, hairs are removed permanently.


hair removal methods - IPL vs shaving

The bottom line is that IPL machines are fantastic for reducing / eliminating unwanted hair from wherever it’s growing on your body, that you wanted stopped, for good.


Which Parts of the Body are Suitable for IPL Hair Removal?

The short answer is “anywhere!”

Obviously, you need to use common sense and run a test by hitting a small area first to see how your skin responds. Then start using your machine on bigger areas, so you’ll gradually get a feel for what you can and can’t do.

Basically, anywhere from the cheekbone down is all-good. Don’t use the IPL laser machine too close to your eyes – for obvious reasons. You wouldn’t use the machine on eyebrows or head hair.

If you’re using the machine to remove hairs from your face, we highly recommend the use of IPL safety glasses and that you take great care.

You can effectively remove hair from your face, arms, legs, bikini area, armpits, arms, hands, feet, stomach, back, shoulders, or anywhere on your body that you want rid of hairs, for good.

Some of the best IPL laser devices have special attachments with curves and filters to help remove hairs from specific parts of the body.

Always follow the manual and guidance from your IPL machine manufacturer. The leading IPL machines have smart phone apps available packed with guidance, tutorials, and support to coach you through using your IPL for the first time.

How Skin Tone and Hair Colors Affect Results

The majority of IPL user manuals use the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale to help identify your correct skin type.

Type 1 is white pale skin never tans and always burns if you’re outside in the sun.

Type 6 is black to very dark brown skin that never burns but tans easily.

Here’s an example that shows you which skin and hair types are suitable for use with good home IPL machines.

Sheer Elegance IPL hair removal tool diagram

People with darker skin colors should avoid using IPL because it contains a lot more melanin so the light heats the skin, causing pain and damages.

It’s crucial that you understand your skin tone so you can choose the right machine and intensity for the job, our deciding on whether IPL is right for you.

When it comes to hair color, darker hair gets the best results. Red, blonde or light-colored hair doesn’t have enough pigment to absorb the IPL.


How can I use my IPL device to get rid of hair? 

Steps to smooth, hair-less skin: 

  1. Remove the existing hair in the targeted area (feel free to shave, epilate or wax as you’d like.)
    If you are going to epilate or wax, we recommend you do it at least a day before the IPL treatment. 
  2. Adjust the Sheer Elegance IPL device to the right light intensity for your skin tone and hair color. (Refer to our handy light intensity chart on our webpage.) 
  3. Turn the Sheer Elegance IPl device on, and wait for the ‘ready to flash’ light to come on.
  4. Press the ‘flash’ button.
  5. Continue onto the next needed spot. Do not go over the same spot twice!


We hope this ultimate guide has helped!