What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL technology is also known as intense pulsed light technology. In contrast to laser hair removal, IPL uses multi-spectrum lights that are much weaker and safer on the skin than traditional laser hair removal techniques. 

IPL treatments are usually done by individuals after they purchase a handheld IPL machine, like the devices from Sheer Elegance.

What exactly is IPL technology, and how does it work? How long does it take? We'll explain about this revolutionary technology that's having women worldwide say goodbye to their razors and waxes! 

How does IPL technology work?

These at-home hair removal devices emit pulses of light to the roots of our hair. It gently pulses high-levels of light energy to disable hair follicles at the root. IPL makes hair stop in its growth stage, and gradually decreases the re-emergence of all hair and its roots -- leaving skin smoother and hair-free for longer periods of time. 

Sheer Elegance IPL hair removal smooth skin steps

Light-based hair removal technology is professionally used by dermatologists and salons, but Sheer Elegance's IPL hair removal devices bring the clinic-quality treatments home, for a fraction of the cost. 


Are at-home IPL hair removal treatments effective? 

Laser treatment affects hair in the active growth phase (anagen stage) and makes it go into its resting phase. This is the only truly effective way at eliminating hair. Other methods only cut off the hair but cannot reach down to its roots. 

The light emits controlled pulses of energy that absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This reaches to the root of the follicles and destroys the hair, without damaging skin or tissue. The scientific term for this is "photo thermal destruction." When the hair follicles re-grow, they grow back less thick, less dark, and at a slower rate of growth. Over 6-8 uses, users start to see long delays between elimination and re-growth. This means you can go for weeks or even months without significant body hair appearing.

How long does it take? 

IPL hair removal makes the hair go into its “resting phase” and fall out from the root, leaving the area hair-free and smooth for an extended period of time. Gradually, the body will grow less and less hair in that specific area. 

Sheer Elegance hair removal IPL epilator stages follicles

It does take some time to achieve long-lasting results. After the first four treatments, the average result is 8 whole weeks of hair-free smoothness. IPL is the hottest new technology in hair removal treatments, and has been widely praised as the ultimate replacement to shaving, plucking, wax treatments, and epilators. 


What else is IPL therapy used for?

The IPL is also one of the methods that can be used in improving a person's skin color and texture even without undergoing surgery. It can remove or minimize some of the visible damage caused by sun exposure- that is most noticeable to your face, neck, hands, or your chest.

Photo Facials

People are also familiar with this type of therapy as a BroadBand Light ( BBL), Photo Rejuvenation, or Photo Facial. The Intense Pulsed Light is working through the light that penetrates a person's skin in a wave of lengths that targets the red and brown spot that results in a brighter and beautiful even skin tone. The results will always vary depending on the severity of the symptoms, but typically a person can see the results after doing the 1-3 treatments.

Moreover, this is also considered as very effective to remove or minimize the redness and flushing of the face caused by rosacea. After taking several treatments, it frequently went away resulting in better skin. Although IPL therapy will not fully cure you of any rosacea it will treat the physical component of the disease process.

Usually, it takes an average of 3-4 IPL or BBL treatments to clear up all the recurrent rosacea symptoms and a recommendation of having at least once a year for maintenance purposes. This type of treatment is known as relatively quick treating a person's entire face in only about 20 minutes. Plus, it offers a painless service and long term solution to this kind of problem.

Spot Treatments 

Treatment for the face, neck, and chest are all available as well, and typically, this needs at least 3 treatments and lasts for 15-45 minutes every treatment to see the results. Most of the skilled doctors can treat a person's small and single spots, but most IPL treatments can be used to treat even the larger or broader areas. But it's always best to consult your board-certified dermatologist first regarding your situation and see what he or she can recommend.

As IPL therapy is known to be a non-ablative therapy, definitely there's no bleeding or scabbing that would happen and a person's recovery downtime is minimal, including some of the temporary redness and darkening of spots before they fade, which are all normal reactions of the skin to the treatment.

It always depends on the specific area and the severity of the skin issue, a person can be expected to have at least one to three treatments every month apart. IPL is useful and can treat almost wide types of skin issues including freckles, age spots, etc. but it's effectiveness, of course, varies depending on a person's skin type, level of tan and specific issue. For example, sun spots may only take two weeks of treatment to fade, but melasma is much difficult to treat for the fact that the complexity issue may be the reason why it would worsen because of the treatment.

Different IPL Systems

The most primary step to understand the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL therapy is to vividly comprehend every technology behind the procedures. To achieve every person's desired or wish results, the one who creates or produces this type of therapy uses different technology systems, for it to become effective to use.These systems are the following:

Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System

The first one is known as a state-of-the-art system. It works in removing even the most persistent stretch marks, sun spots due to too much exposure to UV rays of sunlight, a couple of wrinkles, and spider veins that will leave a person's skin blemish-free. Plus, it's one of the best ways to combat or fight for challenging skin issues that a person has always faced.


The second one is known as the technology that allows for an accurate precision while still maximizing a person's comfort and making sure it's safe all the time. It works in removing any unwanted pigmentation, facial redness that is perhaps caused by rosacea, sunspots, and any other skin issues. This problem can be treated with fewer and comfortable treatments
sessions that are needed to be done.

Skintel™ Reader

The third one is known as the only FDA- cleared melanin reader. This works by accurately reading the number of melanin with a person's skin to make sure the effectiveness and safety during the IPL treatment. It is important to know the amount or number of melanin in the skin of a person who wishes to undergo the IPL treatment because the doctors will be able to better understand how your skin will react to a specific treatment and which among all the settings best suits you.

This information will give you the knowledge and thus help you with your decision making before doing an actual IPL treatment. There are non-medical facilities that offer IPL treatment but don't initially test a person's melanin, which sometimes causes negative results such as burns or scars to the skin.

The list below is the things that you can expect during an IPL therapy treatment.

1. First, the dermatologist or the doctors will provide you with special glasses or eye pads for your safety.

2. The next step is, the dermatologist or the doctors will apply a cooling gel to the target area of your skin.

3. When the dermatologist or doctors notice that you are already ready, they will release pulses of light evenly throughout the target area of your skin.

4. Afterward, the dermatologist or the doctors will now clean off the cooling gel and apply a moisturizer to the target area of your skin. Since this type of therapy is known to be effective and gentle, if you want to reapply your makeup after the treatment, then you can do it.

5. By strictly following all the procedures, you can expect to notice the results over the next 2-6 weeks. But remember, results always vary from person to person as each has different skin color and hair types.