DIY Spa: Self-Care and Relaxation Tips

What you need for a Home Spa

Having a SPA DAY doesn't mean that you need to go to a salon or any parlour to experience one. You don't need to worry where to get some money to treat yourself to a spa-like experience cause you can actually enter the DIY- Spa day, which this one is now getting popular.

All you have to do is prepare the following things that are listed below, as you will be needing it for your DIY-Spa experience.

1.Prepare a comfort rich cleanser

Proper cleansing is always the first step to any spa-worthy facial. Better to choose a product that best suits your skin.

  1. Candle can lighten your mood and provides soothing signature scent

Don't ever forget to have a candle on your DIY spa day, as a little mood lighting can definitely lighten the ambience. Better to pick a chic candle that is made with delicate iris blossoms because it can create a relaxing atmosphere through its soothing signature scent.

  1. Jade Roller

This handy Jade roller helps in boosting your body circulation and in flushing away under-eye swelling.

  1. Exfoliating peel

Post-cleanse always gives skin a good slough. 

After ten minutes of using it, you're glowing.

  1. Don't forget about the Bath oil

Steamy soak for bath is the main star of the at-home spa show. As it will give an instant relaxation to your muscles and mind. Plus, it also helps to open up your pores so all that face mask goodness can really sink in your skin. Just fill your tub with warm water and add a few drops of skin-nourishing essential oils.

  1. Give yourself a Scalp treatment

This one is known as lightweight treatment. It is usually formulated using the dandruff-blasting BHAs. Just apply directly into your scalp, regardless if it's dry or not, massage it in and you're already good to go.

  1. Clay Mask

French clay for 15 minutes can help to clarify your pores and remove debris, toxins and excess oil.  Prepare the work now and enjoy having a fresher, smoother, and baby-soft skin for days.

  1. Robe brings you to feel a luxurious spa-style

Slipping into something soft and cozy after your post bath or anytime during your spa day brings a different mode and vibes to you.

  1. Experience some massage of your own after your post bath via percussion massage therapy

To feel more relaxed during your DIY spa day, it's good to add some massage to your list. Perhaps, the main reason why you decide to set a specific day for your DIY-spa is because you want to relax your sore muscles from so much working and relieving stress you've been dealing with. It's good to provide your home massage tool just like the   handheld massage therapy relaxation tool produced by Sheer Elegance. But since it's not the only option cause there's actually many, better do some research first. 

Here is an additional easy five-step how to plan for your DIY-Spa day.

Step 1- Choosing a specific date you think is best for you to relax is important. As you'll not be thinking anything on the said available date but only your DIY- spa experience.

Step 2-  Always set the mood into something relaxing and feels like you're truly experiencing an actual luxurious spa-style.

Step 3-  Don't forget to stay hydrated as it will help in glowing your skin naturally while doing your DIY spa day.

Step 4-  You can use a moisturizer to nourish your skin. Or some facial cleanser, exfoliating peel products and facial mask.

Step 5- Most important part is to Highlight Your Beauty on your spa day.