Benefits and Effects of Massage Therapy Guns

How does a massage therapy gun work? What are the benefits and side effects?

Having massage as a way to ease low back pain, neck pain, and headache is popularly known as the best treatment for such tough and common problems that every person is facing.

Nowadays, massage guns are a new tool that is widely used and is a form of a vibrational massage or also known as percussion therapy. It becomes well-known in late 2019 and just the early months of 2020. Most people are now purchasing their massage guns.

Besides, massage guns have various types of attachments for every different need. Most of the massage gun products are rechargeable and have batteries. Usually, it will only take about 90 minutes to two hours for the device to be completely recharged.

The massage gun is working utilizing the so-called pain gate theory. The theory itself believes that it is possible to deceive the nervous system of every individual and thus by using this one, it can reduce the sore and painful feeling. During the pain sensation, the nervous system should have proper stimulation and responsiveness. This all becomes possible when the right frequency of nerve impulse is sent accurately so that it can make the pain run away. This is what precisely the machine is doing, to trick the system into acting quickly on the pain.

What are the Benefits of Massage guns?

1. Massage gun helps in your sports performance, prevention from any injury and recovery

The primary purpose of having a massage is for you to help relax the muscle and of course, relieve the tension in your body. Adding massage therapy to your daily lifestyle and post-workout routine will be a great way for you to relieve the stress you faced.

Moreover, the supply of nutrients and oxygen in your body is improving due to the massage and thus helps to increase the blood circulation throughout your body.

2. Massage gun helps in advancing the vibrational healing and powerful pain relief

Vibrational healing is defined as types of healing that are certainly based on vibrations and subtle energies. It is being said that the vibrations coming from the massage helps to improve the blood and lymph circulation around your body, which helps to produce more oxygen and nutrients into your muscle. The pain you're struggling with in your neck, shoulders, and lower back can easily be eased using the vibrating effects coming from the massage guns.

3. Massage gun helps in rehabilitation

Massage is considered to be one of the most effective ways of injury rehabilitation therapy. It doesn't only speed up your recovery process but it also prevents you from any re-injury that might happen.


4. Massage gun helps in releasing lactic acid

When the oxygen level on your body is becoming low, this is where lactic acid is being formed. A massage gun can help in releasing lactic acid and other toxins from your muscle to its surrounding tissues. In this way, it is also effective to help in reducing the risk of muscle soreness that frequently comes after your prolonged exertion because of lactic acid accumulation.


5. Massage gun helps in increasing the blood and lymphatic flow

Massage gown is known to provide deep tissue massage. It helps in increasing the rate of blood flow and in stimulating the nerve receptors which is responsible for dilating blood vessels. Through the use of a massage gun, you can create a balance, as it helps in improving the circulation process throughout your lymphatic system.

6. Massage gun helps in activating the nervous system and muscles

Massage guns are very helpful when it comes to stimulating the receptors of a person's sympathetic nervous system. It also causes the vasodilation in your skin and muscles and thus it helps the muscle to be more relaxed while it improves mobility.

7. Massage gun helps in relieving the muscle spasms and stiffness

Massage gun is known to help to relieve the muscle spasms and stiffness that may arise or occur after a long intense workout. It works by ways of applying pressure to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, for you to feel more relaxed and thus eventually reducing any spasms and painful contractions.

8. Massage gun helps in breaking up the scar tissue

Massage gun helps in giving a deep tissue massage, which helps in breaking down the scar tissues in your body, and thus, it helps in alleviating the pain and relieving any restriction.
Accordingly, massage guns cannot only be used for any sports injuries but are also useful for any post-surgery scar tissues.

9. Massage gun helps in enhancing the range of motion quickly

Massage guns are said to work effectively on your muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints. All of which are important and are working together to aid your mobility.

10. Massage gun provides and brings wellness benefits to you

Aside from giving you total comfort and relaxation of your muscle and alleviating any pain you feel, massage guns are also widely known for the other health benefits it provides for those who are using it. These health benefits include increasing your mobility, helping you to improve your sleep at night, and improving your immunity. Plus, it is also entirely helpful if you're experiencing any form of depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, having a digestive disorder and among all, it can help you free from any stress-related insomnia that perhaps you're struggling to fight with.

What are the disadvantages of the massage therapy?

There is no record of any disadvantages of using the massage gun as long as you follow all the instructions of its usage then you wouldn't have any trouble or issue to face. However, here are a few possible if ever you will not use it properly.

1. It can cause too much activation of muscle when you are placed directly on the affected area.

2. It needs professional during the repair of the product if any case of its damage

3. It is relatively expensive.

4. It is the need for adequate and regular maintenance.


Overall, you can see that the advantages of using an electric massage gun far outweigh the potential negatives. So what are you waiting for?