Tips for Staying Relaxed While Working at Home

To all the Independent Ladies, Sheer Elegance has Something Special just for us 

Calling out all the independent workaholic ladies, I think I have finally found the answer to all the back pains and stiff muscles that we have all been oddly ‘celebrating’ with a glass of red wine and cheese.

Meet the Athena Full Body Relief Massage Percussion System and the Limited Edition Malibu Muse Anti-Stress Massage Percussion System by Sheer Elegance. 

I’m sure we all share the same sentiments with the unexpected turn of 2020. Gone were the days of carefree walking through a Starbucks for your morning coffee before going to work and the after work gym or hangouts with colleagues and friends before finally diving to our beds for a good night’s sleep. 

Instead, we’re living in a sad and exhausting work from home situation which we have no control over. Lines between personal life and work have been blurred.

People are expecting us to be present a hundred percent of the time because honestly… where would we go? We’re met with emails sent at 3am and waking up to more. We spend more than our usual 8 hour work shift seated in front of our laptops with a cup of coffee, desperately trying to stay awake and finish the work. 

We’re exhausted. 

And this is exhaustion way beyond what we expect on the most stressful work day. And somehow, I just find myself crying and breaking down. My mind is plagued with aggravated levels of stress and my body is also suffering in the process. 

I wake up with back pains which turn more painful each passing day. I slump on my chair massaging my sore muscles for yet another day of the same routine. And as I age, managing the pain is becoming more burdensome that it’s better to just sleep it off hoping it would go away. 

But I realized that this wouldn’t go away if I do nothing so I started searching for ways to combat the physical effects without compromising my health and safety by going out and reserving a slot for a massage therapy. And if I’m being honest, a massage can only do as much as alleviate the pain temporarily

I wanted a more consistent and accessible solution. 

I came across an innovative muscle therapy relief method called percussive therapy. This therapy is targeted towards athletes, sports and exercise enthusiasts alike.

According to a small study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, percussive therapy is a clinically approved way of preventing delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

Furthermore, this therapy provides “concentrated, rapid, and short duration pulses into the tissues of the body” which then accelerates the growth and repair of tissues. It also improves blood flow to the sore area causing relief in pain and increased range in motion and muscle function. 


How does percussive therapy work? 

It makes use of a power drill tool or more commonly known as massage guns which in simple layman terms punches you rapidly to manipulate the soft tissue.

Basically, it’s like a portable massage partner - light in weight but not in power.

A fifteen minute session with a massage gun equals an hour long massage treatment with the same benefits and perks of not having to reserve and go out to a spa and definitely, cheaper in the long run. 

Nowadays, the percussive therapy system is also becoming increasingly popular to independent workaholic ladies like us who have very busy lifestyles. 


Two Types of Percussion Therapy 

Sheer Elegance offers two types of the percussion therapy system. The first one is more focused on full body relief while the other one is for stress alleviation. Though they have different scopes, the concept behind the two are relatively the same. 

1) Great Design

First, these massage guns are designed with versatility in mind catering to all users and body types. It is also very ergonomic which helps access knots and hard to reach spots like curved areas which can be very frustrating. 

2) Relief Technology

Second, in terms of technical concept and application, these massage guns use a Cool Relief Technology which has been dubbed as an industry breaking feature. They fan the area directly after the therapy providing relief and decreasing feelings of discomfort.

3) Customizable Speed Settings 

Aside from the Cool Relief, these massage guns are also equipped with customizable speed settings, scientifically calibrated to suit the different needs and preferences of any user. Additionally, there is also the Increased Impact Engineering which provides high amplitude force compared to the low amplitude common to many cheap devices. 

One of the really cool things about this device is that it has four interchangeable heads which can be used to target specific areas for maximum relief. 

It also has the basic high tech LCD touch screen which displays the massage timer setting, battery power, and speed and frequency adjustment display. 

Speed and force are very important factors in ensuring a relaxing and revitalizing massage experience. 

When should you use a therapy massage gun? 

You can use this device before a workout before you start your day with some stretches or high intensity training and afterwards to cool your muscles down and help facilitate muscle recovery. And then before you go to sleep, you can run this to help relax your muscles. 

It is also equipped with Superior Sound Insulation, a noise reduction technology, which enables you to use it in public places like the office. But with the situation now, I guess we’ll be using it 99.9% indoors. Nevertheless, though most powerful tools are associated with loud noises, these perform quietly at 40-50 decibels. 

These products are perfect for the kind of independent lady lifestyle. Its portability feature makes it a good travel companion and alleviates worries whether we would be able to sleep well at night on a foreign bed after an exhausting day. It’s also a practical investment which is very accessible to use anytime and anywhere. Lastly, the benefits of this kind of therapy will ensure that we wake up healthy and revitalized to conquer another day. 

So make sure to grab some while they’re on discounted prices!