Muse Anti-stress Massage Percussion System [Limited Edition]

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Light in Weight, but Not Light-weight in Power -- The Malibu Muse Ultimate in Personal Percussive Therapy (limited edition)


The Malibu Muse Personal Percussive Therapy System is one of a kind, providing the best, quality personal percussion massage therapy in a compact, lightweight body suitable for everyday use, office use, and therapy care for the elderly and children. 


What is Percussion Therapy? 

Percussion therapy is an innovative muscle therapy relief method that is clinically proven to prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and to facilitate fast muscle recovery. Percussion therapy also reduces tension and increases muscle function by creating more permeability in your muscles and increasing blood circulation. This melts away muscle tension and can alleviate the pain and stress that come with poor circulation. 

Why is Percussion Therapy the Best Choice? 

Instead of expensive massage sessions at the spa, 

Or harsh tools that leave your skin and muscles agitated and tense, 

Percussion therapy is a clinically proven, safe at-home tool for muscle tension relief and treatment. Perfect for a quick break at the office, post-workouts at the gym, or simply winding down at home, the _____ series is engineered to help people of all body types to be relaxed and stress-free. 

What does the Malibu Muse Personal Percussive Therapy System do? 

  • Activates, soothes, and loosens muscles throughout the body 
  • Improves range of motion and muscle function 
  • Aids in therapy for injuries and in correcting muscle damage
  • Provides easy relief and relaxation for stress and tension alleviation 

When can I use the Malibu Muse Personal Percussive Therapy System? 

  • Use before a workout to warm-up the muscles 
  • Use after a workout to facilitate faster recovery
  • Use at the office to relieve soreness that comes with prolonged sitting 
  • Use before bed for muscle relaxation and relief of soreness 
  • Use throughout the day to increase blood circulation and range of motion

Why Every Home Needs the Malibu Muse?

    • CoolRelief Technology: Exclusive only to Sheer Elegance, the Malibu Muse has CoolRelief technology an industry-breaking feature that fans the area directly after percussive therapy to bring even more relief and decrease discomfort. We are proud to offer this technology that has been engineered with the modern day consumer’s busy lifestyle in mind. 
    • 4 Interchangeable Heads: The interchangeable head systems allows for maximum reach and targeted therapy in the areas that matter. 
    • Customizable Speech Calibration: Set your device to one of our scientifically calibrated speed settings. The wide range of speeds make it possible to tailor each therapy session to make it your own body type and needs -- because everyone’s recovery is unique. 
    • Increased Impact Engineering: The Malibu Muse is engineered to reach deep into the muscles to melt away tension and release soreness without being overpowering or painful. Cheaper devices have high-speed but low amplitude. The
    • Malibu Muse features both low and high-speeds with optimal amplitude matching each speed setting. 
    • Superior Sound Insulation: With the
  • with Malibu Muse , you get a quiet therapy experience that makes you feel like you are at a luxurious spa, all at the comfort and safety of your own home. 



Featuring the newest in noise reduction technology, the

Malibu Muse delivers powerful performance in the most quiet package, registering at 40-50db. 


The Malibu Muse is our summer limited edition design, featuring 4 interchangeable heads, each ergonomically designed to reach knots and hard to reach spots. No more frustration in dealing with curved or sensitive areas. The Muse designed with the casual, everyday user in mind. 


Features a battery power display, and a speed and frequency adjustment display that has _____ total gear settings that adjust the power and frequency to make each therapy session unique to you. 

Every Package Includes: 

Malibu Muse Personal Percussive Therapy System 

4 Interchangeable Therapy Heads 

1 24V 5200mAh Capacity Rechargeable, Cordless Battery

1 Express Power Charger 

1 User Manual 

1 Compact, Portable Case 

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