Aria Ultimate Laser IPL Hair Removal Device with NEW Icing Technology

$120 $230



For lasting smoothness on every line, curve, and in between.

Throw away the painful, outdated hair removal methods of yesterday, and embrace today’s new feeling of beautiful you can only get with SheerElegance IPL System. 

What is ‘IPL’? 

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology and refer to at-home hair removal devices that emit pulses of light to the roots of our hair. IPL makes hair stop in its growth stage, and gradually decreases the re-emergence of all hair and its roots -- leaving skin smoother and hair-free for longer periods of time. 

After the first four treatments, the average result is 8 whole weeks of hair-free smoothness. IPL is the hottest new technology in hair removal treatments, and has been widely praised as the ultimate replacement to shaving, plucking, wax treatments, and epilators. 

What does IPL do? How does it work? 

The SheerElegance IPL System gently pulses high-levels of light energy to disable hair follicles at the root. Light-based technology is professionally used by dermatologists and salons, but the SheerElegance IPL System brings the clinic-quality treatment home, for a fraction of the cost. 

IPL hair removal makes the hair go into its “resting phase” and fall out from the root, leaving the area hair-free and smooth for an extended period of time. Gradually, the body will grow less and less hair in that specific area. 

Is IPL Safe? 

Yes, it’s safe! It is proven to be effective and safe to use for people with a wide variety of hair and skin types, including naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and on a variety of skin tones.

However, people with gray or very light blonde hair, or with very dark skin tones are not recommended to use the IPL method of hair removal. The IPL system is effective only when there is a contrast between the hair color and the skin color, and can leave burns or other issues on the skin if these precautions are not followed.

How can I use the SheerElegance IPL System? 

  1. Remove the existing hair in the targeted area (feel free to shave, epilate or wax as you’d like.)
    If you are going to epilate or wax, we recommend you do it at least a day before the IPL treatment. 
  2. The SheerElegance IPL System to the right light intensity for your skin tone and hair color. (Refer to our handy light intensity chart on our webpage.) 
  3. Turn the SheerElegance IPL on, and wait for the ‘ready to flash’ light to come on.
  4. Press the ‘flash’ button.
  5. Continue onto the next needed spot. Do not go over the same spot twice! 

Once the hair growth decreases, you can leave out the shaving step before using the SheerElegance IPL System and use the system to keep your skin beautifully smooth for a long time. 


To see positive results quickly, use the SheerElegance IPL System once every two weeks for the first four treatments. After that, you should schedule to check and if necessary, have minor touch ups every 4-8 weeks. 


  • Powerful, Pain-Free: Our most powerful IPL hair removal device, the SheerElegance IPL System offers the easiest way to remove hair on the internet -- perfect for the summer to come. 
  • PrecisionCurve Engineering: The SheerElegance IPL System is specifically designed to smoothly cover every line and curve, with different attachments for each body part region. The machine is ergonomically designed with PrecisionCurve engineering to cover the skin fully before each flash is permitted. 
  • CoolTouch Technology: A revolutionary new technology in the IPL industry, CoolTouch Technology prevents the skin from sensations of itching or burning, by circulating cool air towards the affected areas after each flash. CoolTouch Technology is adjustable via the main screen of the machine.
Extended Battery Life: Each machine comes with 500,000 flashes available in its immediate battery. This delivers an equivalent of lifetime of treatment with 5 intensity levels. 

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